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General information about the Village

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NEW 11/2018: Catisfield WW1 World War 1 Dedications

. NEW 8/2018: Catisfield Memorial Hall WW2 World War 2 Dedications

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The BIG OR OLD HOUSES of CATISFIELD - And Who Lived Where - a list

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Famous People Who lived in CATISFIELD - And Who Lived Where - a list


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MAPS -- a sequence of Maps from 1611 to 196x that will give you an insight into how Catisfield. has grown and changed.



- Different areas and houses of Catisfield

in photos old and new, text and detail maps.



A timeline of

Catisfield across the years

Example entries:
  • 1210 First mention of Catisfield (as paying a tax to Fareham - in the Pipe Roll of the Bishop of Winchester)
  • 1316 CATESFELD held by the Bishop of Winchester
  • 1445 Henry VI & Margaret of Anjou went down Fishers Hill to Titchfield Abbey from Southwick, for the reconfirmation of their marriage in France (hence the name of the bridge)
  • 1841 The Census showed a population of 192. 33 houses, 16 agricultural labourers, 10 bricklayers, 27 servants, etc

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Catisfield House MORE on Catisfield House

St Columba (Tin Tabernacle) MORE on St Columba/106 Club

Wine Stores MORE on Wine Stores/Hotel

The Limes MORE on The Limes

old 1923 view

- Catisfield in Maps from the 1600's onwards

(examples: Catisfield in 1810 and 1864 )
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PAPERS - Assembled material and articles about Catisfield

NOTES - Research material about Catisfield

W-I-P - pieces of work-in-progress

Note on Location: The road through Catisfield was once a main route between Fareham / Portsmouth and the west. Samuel Pepys probably rode through it on his travels as did Margaret of Anjou on her way to wed Henry VI at Titchfield Abbey at the bottom of Fishers Hill.
Once an independent hamlet, it has become adjoined to the town of Fareham.
It is part of two Conservation Areas, one of which protects part of the pleasant Catisfield Lane and the other covering the land going down to the Meon River and the historic Titchfield Abbey. The Meon is a very attractive little river which flows into the sea (the Solent in fact) less than 3 miles away. See:
Catisfield - More about where it is
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