Catisfield Cricket Club
-at Catisfield . Hampshire ..... ...(unfortunately we don't have an actual photo)

- We do know that it was an active, well-regarded club, in the 1860s, 1870s, 1880s..... .
Two Catisfield residents, Major George Clay and then Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Edwin Brace were the leading lights.
The exact location of the ground is not known. The Catisfield House estate is one possibility, but much of that was on a slope. Catisfield Lodge grounds are more likely -- we do know that was where Major Clay lived (due to a court case in 1869 when Henry Coombes, labourer aged 15, was sentenced to four months hard labour for stealing 3 of Major Clay's chickens.....).

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Catisfield Cricket 1867
-Tbis match I was played on Major Clay's ground at Catisfield, on Satur- on day. The ground was in excellent condition owing to cot Major Clay's exertions. The Catisfield geutlemen won ha the tos rand played a good first innings of 110, Messrs. it. Drewitt, Orred, and Clay playing well for their respec- ale tive scores. For the Stubbingtonians, Mr. Hayes played iut a fine free hitting innings of 67, and to him his side are rip chiefly iildebted for their victory. Messrs. Wiliiacs, hihs Foster, and Pinnock played good innings. The bowling occ of Messrs. Cosser and Bvam for their respective sides was a very good. The Catisfield Club in their second innings be had lost four wickets for 62 runs. when time was called. ha The following is the score, from which it will be seen that Stubbington College won by 48 runs:- pu STUBeINGTeON COLLGB. no First Innings. he Hr. C. R. Williams, c. Thorpe, b. Orred . 18 th r. E. T. Boddasn, run out ?? Mr. E. S. Fo3ter, run out . , 17 Inc Hr. A. Hayes, run out . , 67 dii Mr. S. t. Byam, G. andb. Orred . ..8 so0 Hr. C. 1E. Pinnock, b. Drewitt ., , , .. 10 an Mr. W. W. Harris, b. Cosser .h 5 bo Hr. R. H. Gillmor, b. Cosser ?? 2 ti H r, HI. Xin, c. and b. Drewitt .5 v Nr. T. Me Pherson, not out ?? 0 Nr. A. F. Squire, b. Cossor ?? 0 ta Byes,4; l.b., 2; wides, 16; n.b., 1 ?? an CAUSPELD, CYB. 118 Si: FirstInmings. Second Innines. RI Yr. - Parsons, run out ?? , Fcster, b. Pinnock ?? P Mr. Stephens, b. Byam . I ab Mr. Thorpe, b. Byam . not out ?? br Mr. - Cosser,b. Byam . 0 not out . 1 a Major Clay, b. Pinnock ,. ?? . 9 cs Mr. S. Orred,b. Boddam ?? 22 b. Pinnoek ?? 1 se Mr. R. Drewitt, run out . 23 c. lKiDg, b. Byam . 9 v lr. E. leace, run out . 16 W Mr. - Labie, c. Foster, b. Pinnoek 10 be Mr. Johnstone, c, Boddai, b. tl ?? Mr.-Lavre, not out . b. Byarn .. , ,. ,. 3 in Byes, 8; lb., 5; wides, 9 ?? 22 Byes, 4; wides, 2. ?? i 110 62 u
Hambledon CC vs. Catisfield CC
- It is with very great pleasure we proceed to chronicle the suc- cess of the Catisfield cricket week, each item in the programme of festivities having been carried out to the entire satisfaction of everyone con- cerned. For the last two or three years the noble Cc gae of cricket has found a congenial home in the charm- th ing locgii.ty of Catisfield, and it is entirely owing to tic the exertions brd kiqd hospitality of Major Clay that this little village hag become the centre of at- ml traction to the whole of the cricket-loving commn- W nity, and the fashionable resort of the elite of the Ax neighbourhood. The major'eground is pleasantly situated, pa and on Monday it presented a delightful picture of gaiety LI and thorough enjoyment. A great number of spacious ha tents were erected around the field for the accommodation Is of the visitors, and the playground was simply perfection. A capital match was played the first two days between the Catisfield eleven and the military of the district; - and as tis jpinluded Aldershot camp, it will be easily understood thatt two very strong elevens met. The result was a highly interesting and closely - contested match which, as will be seen by tho ecore (which appears in another column), was won by Catisfield by 12 runs only. The splendid band of the 25th King's Own Bor. I derers added materially to the enjoyment ofthe proceedings. Pe. I On Wednesday evening, the 3rd inst., a ball was given at fit the Fareham assembly-rooms, and dancing was carried on WI with great spirit, to the strains of a first.rate stringed ban:1, tar into the small hours
Among those present we noticed - LThe Hon. Mrs. Carpenter Garnier, Lady Hayes, Mrs. Thistle. thwayte, Mrs. Radcliffe, and Mrs. Clay, lady patronesses ; the Hon. - Miss Arundell, Mr. and Mrs. Atherley, Mr. E. Atherley, Mr. Allsopp, Mr. G. H. Butler, Captaim Burton, 99th Regiment, Captain Boyd, Captain Bretos, Mr. Brett, lasses Bruce (2), Mr. Butler, 62tid Light Infantry, Miss Bndd, Mr. H. Bell, Mrs. and Miss Carpenter, Major B Colley, Mr. Cross, Major Clag,'Captain Carpenter, Miss S. Churchill, Mr. Campbell, Dr., Mrs. and Miisn Case, Mr. Case. Mrs. Wairond Clarke, Mrs. and Miss Cosuer, Mr. Dering. 25th o.. Captain and Mrs. Dawson, u.3., Colondi, Mrs. and Miss Dunsmure, Air. Deane, tc Mr. Ede, Mrs. Orlando Fitzroy, Miss Forrest, Captain Grant, Mr. H, Gunner, Major Gibbs, Mr. Carpenter Garnier, Captan and Mrs. Carr Glyn, Misses Hayes (2), bliss Harvey, Miss Hancock, Captain Hutch. inson, B.A., Captain Jervis, 101st rn.B.F, Mr. H. Wynne Jones, Miss Lyon, Mr. Lawason, 2nd Queen's, Miss I ipscomb, Mrs, Lowe, Miss 0o Laurel, Mr. Lucas, Mr. Longeruft, ir. Gage Lambert, Mr. Mott, W 2nd Queen's, Mr. Matthews, 2nd Queen's,)ifsa Meta Orred, Captain Pakeiiham, Captain and Mrs. Richard Purvis, M., C. Hsthanu Purvis, Mi's Emily Purvis, Captain thillips, Mir. lied Mrs. Proeis, Mrs. Perceval Mr, R. t1 Captail Sqlir), Messrs. 0. and G. . penevrr sith: ?? A. Vartoris, Captain Schreiber, B.A., Mr. Smith, R al. Lady Tichborne, Lady Jane Turnour, Lady Catherine Turmour Miss Thistlethwayte, Mr. R. Valises, liss Verner, Mr. Webb, Miss Watherston, Mr. Perceval Wright, R.M.L.I, Capt. Wortham, n.A.
Catisfield CC vs. Stubbington School

The 1872 Catisfield Cricket Week Ball was held at The Red Lion

Tickets 7s 6d ( say £30 today)

Major Clay sold his cricket gear

as he was 'leaving England'

(presumably posted overseas -- but also selling the cricket pitch items??)
... the name "Brace" appears
... now the cricket is at "Catisfield Park" !
...Successful Season - and Sumptious Supper !
The Catisfield Cricket Club brought their cricketing season to a close on Thursday last, by a match between two elevens of the club, on the ground at Catisfield.
After the match between 30 and 40 members and friends were entertained to a sumptuous supper by the liberality of Colonel Brace, who occupied the chair, the vice chair being filled by Mr. C. H. Liddell. After the removal of the cloth, the Secretary, Mr. C. Chaw, read the report for the season, from which it appears that the club has had a most successful season, playing in all 16 matches, 12 being won, three lost, and one tie.
The health of Col. Brace was proposed and drunk with enthusiasm, and in responding he expressed a hope that the next season would prove as successful as the last. The health of the Secretary Mr. C. Chase, was then drunk and suitably resfponded to. The remainder of the evening was devoted to harmony.
...and a 'Do' for the village on Catisfield Cricket Ground !

In July to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee, Lt-Col F.E. Brace invited the whole of the women and children of Catisfield to tea, which was served in a tent in the cricket field at that place {exact location of this not known}, and at which about 60 sat down
In the evening a substantial repast, consisting of cold joints and hot vegetables, was served in a barn on the farm, at which about 60 of the villagers attended.
The chair was taken by Lt-Col Brace and the vice by Mr R Brace, Miss Brace rendering valuable assistance in waiting upon the numberous guests.
The meal having concluded, the health of the:Queen : was proposed from the chair and heartily received. Mr O Bevis gave the toast of the health of Colone Brace, and on -behalf of those-present thanked him for entertaining the villagers, this being received'-with hearty cheers. Refreshments and tobacco were served ad lib during the evening, the company separating about midnight.

From the Hampshire Telegraph

. At about 6:15 on the morning of the 20th April 1890, Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Edwin Brace, owner of Catisfield House, shot himself at the house. The housemaid, Mrs Matilda Major, a widow, was downstairs about her early morning work, when she heard the report of a gunshot apparently coming from her master's bedroom overhead. She called his daughter, Miss Brace, who ran upstairs and found her father lying on the floor. Miss Brace locked the door of the room and sent for assistance, and on the arrival of Dr. Case from Fareham Colonel Brace was found to be dead
He was discovered lying on his back, holding a dis-charged 6-chambered revolver. He was 52 years of age and left a widow, one daughter and two sons. The inquest was held just 2 days later, at Catisfield House itself, by the County Coroner (E. Goble, Esq.). Witnesses said that Colonel Brace had been depressed and had been having delusions - one was that he was ruined. Another was that the house was not his own. The Jury, after a very brief consultation, returned a verdict of suicide while of unsound mind.

Note - the incident was widely reported, not just in the Portsmouth News, but also in the Times and [one wonders why] in the press in Wales, eg the South Wales s Echo, Scotland and Ireland . Some of these reports confuse things by saying the shooting was in Catisfield Lodge….
.. Col Brace Tribute- 1890 .
Deceased, who was 52 years of age, had always taken a keen interest in sport, and his loss will be much felt throughout the county. He leaves a Widow and two sons and a daughter to lament their loss..
He was always tof a most kindly and eenial disposition, and his benefactions to the poor of the neighbourhood were on a very extensive scale. It is said of him that not even a beggar was ever repulsed from his door, while his kindness to the sick was proverbial
Being himself a keen sports- man, the late colonel did everything in his power So promote and encourage cricket and other pastimes in the village. His fine cricketfield near his own residence was always the favourite resort of youthful Catisfield on summer evenings, and the colonel himself was always among the most active in arranging friendly matches and in coaching his proteges in the game.
Nor were those too old to play cticket. forgotten; and many an old villager has enjoyed himself to his heart's content at the teas and suppers which were periodically given at Catisfield House. Seldom has a country gentle- man been hold in higher esteem by his poorer neighbours on account of his splendid qualities of heart and head, and his profound sympathy and willing aid for all in distress.
Being himself a keen sports- man, the late colonel did everything in his power to promote and encourage cricket and other pastimes in the village.
from the South Wales Echo 22 April 1890 (!)
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