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? = uncertain. ?? = Very uncertain. NB:- Can't always be sure named person was the owner/occupier; owner; tenant; or some form of agent
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Early map of grounds of Catisfield House

C. 1930 aerial Catisfield House and recent

Drawing by Richard Frankland of Catisfield House

Rear of Catisfield House

Front of CatisfieldHouse

Large tree close to Catisfield House 2000
1789 Henry CORT ?? See:
  • Nov 1789 - Sale or Let advert for his house;
  • Autumn 1789 - the (meticulous) inventory
  • No direct proof that "Cort's House" was Catisfield House, but not many houses big enough for these descriptions and his big family


HenryCort Inventory page 1

Eric Alexander's summary of the inventory
1803 Vice-Admiral Robert Biggs
  • Aug 1803: died at Cat House
  • Sep (and Dec) 1803: House advertised for sale
  • Oct 1803: House contents for sale


house sale

Contents sale
1834 Major-General Edward Byam
  • Jan 1834: Hamps Chronicle says 'the lady of Lt-Col E Byam had a daughter at Catisfield House' (Maria Byam)
  • (?was she resident there, or just a passing stay?)
  • 1864: E Byam died at his house Warblington Lodge, Hampshire

Byam daughter born at Catisfield House

Hussars Gallop

1837 Robert Lee
  • 1937 Catisfield House to let furnished ?
  • ? role of Mr Lee?

Catisfield House ?


1822 Moses (&Caroline) Hawker
  • Moses Hawker (born Fareham 1765) was a magistrate and member of the landed gentry set. Press reports said he had been a Purser RN for 50 years. Brother of Admiral Edward Hawker. ·
  • 28 Oct 1822 body of infant found in privy in a property at Catisfield belonging to Moses. Two servants absconded. ·
  • 1838 he died. 1842 The executors of his 3rd wife Caroline order the auction of the contents of BOTH Catisfield Cottage and Catisfield House. Auction took 4 days… ·
  • So which one did he live in ? [perhaps the record of the trial might reveal?]

1822 body in Moses Hawker's privy

Privy court case

1842 Catisfield House and Cottage contents sale
1846 George Taylor
  • He was a magistrate for Hampshire ·
  • 1846 his infant son Keith died at Catisfield House
  • 1848 another stillborn at the House

infant son 1946

infant son 1848

George Taylor Magistrate
1850 and 1861 Robert Coffin
  • 1850: Thomas Aston Coffin an Ensign in her Majesty's 20th Regiment of Foot declared insolvent (he living with his father at Catisfield House) ·
  • 1851 census: Robert Coffin (b Canada), wife, 3 children, 3 servants

Coffin son insolvent

1851 census

1870 To Let
  • Catisfield House To Let. Residence with 33 acres. Apply Mr Woolridge agent

1870 House to let


1871 Col Charles Dumbleton
  • 1871 Census (note there is another census entry (for Clay) saying Catisfield House - this probably should have been Lodge)
  • 1871 Nov: Illustrated London News: daughter born at Catisfield House

1871 census Catisfeild House

Dumbleton daughter

1873 William Greene
  • " 1873: Sale Notice of the furniture and effects in consequence of the house being let. Inc 3 pianos.
  • 1877: died at Hollam House, formerly of Catisfield House.
  • Executors included Rose Elizabeth (daughter?) -- see later

1873 advert of sale


1878 Henry Edward Leake (sometimes Leeke)
  • " B 1824.
  • 1881: eldest son of Henry Edward married Emma Ley
  • 1881 census - at Catisfield House "
  • Retired Indian Civil Service Senior Magistrate
  • D 1885 Southampton

1881 census

Son marries

1880 Lieutenant-Colonel. Edwin Galt
  • 1874 Albert Galt born at Cat House Jun 74
  • c1875: Mrs Galt of Catisfield House on a charity committee
  • 1880: Col Galt recommended the firm that moved him from Emsworth to Catisfield House
  • Edwin Galt founded the Lion Brewery at Southsea. He became Mayor of Portsmouth 1868-9. Magistrate 1876.
  • Died Worthing 1900

Mrs Galt

son born

1880 - move letter
1890 (Perhaps…) Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Edward Brace
  • " Brace Parents and Family longterm residents Catisfield Lodge
  • He keen sponsor of Catisfield Cricket Club (at Catisfield Lodge grounds ?)
  • 1890: he commited suicide Apl 20
  • Reports in eg Portsmouth News and many papers elsewhere of the death said it took place in Catisfield House
  • Reports on the next day in eg Portsmouth News and elsewhere said it took place in Catisfield Lodge
  • No records exist of Coroner proceedings to check? - so we don't know for sure if he lived at Catisfield House…

Report of death

reprt of inquest next day

1891 Ellin Napier
  • " Lenox Napier died in 1886 at Aden, south west coast of Arabia and Ellin Napier became head of the household at Catisfield Cottage, with two children (one of whom became Admiral William Rawdon Napier)
  • Ellin Napier and her household at the 1891 census had apparently moved from Catisfield Cottage to Catisfield House. (Catisfield Cottage was recorded as 'Family Away) It shows Ellin Napier as head of the household with William Rawdon Napier aged 13, Ellin Winifred aged 10 and 5 servants
  • 17 Aug 1892 at Catisfield House, Fareham, Marie Jeanne Buddicom died (she was Ellin Napier's mother, and must have moved here from Wales. )-

1891 census e

death of Marie Buddicom

1893 Magdalen Peel and Sons Reginald William and Henry Lennox
  • The Peels lived in Hollam House 1891. Independent means. Reginald died Aug 22 1893 at Catisfield House- probate to brother Henry Lennox Peel
  • Magdalen there in directories of 1895, 1898, 1899
  • 1901 Census - Henry Lennox & mother Magdalen Peel and 6 others (servants?)
  • 1904:Sep 20: sale of 450 lots of furniture at the House etc by order of H L Peel

Reginald Peel probate

1901 census

1904 sale of 450 lots furniture
1897 Rose Elizabeth Greene
  • 1881 census lived at Hollam House
  • 1891 at Hastings
  • 1901 at Hove
  • 1911 Tunbridge Wells
  • " 10/7/1897 Conveyance of Catisfield House to her by Ecclesciastical Commissioners for England [?? why did she acquire / May well never have lived there, though her father had]
  • 12/8/1914 made will
  • 2/3/1917 Rose died. Left house to trustees "for the use and benefit of poor ladies requiring a temporary convalescent home"
  • Charitable Trust formed from her will -- ran a "Catisfield House" - this set up in Brighton, then in Hove [?to replace our Catisfield House as this too small?]

Conveyances re Rose Greene (& G Maltby)

Rose Greene will

1914 Major James Robert Bury-Barry
  • " Born James Bury
  • Noble Irish family
  • Entry in Irish Motor Directory ! --- only evidence he was at Catisfield House
  • Was executor for James Broadley (see below)


mention of J Bary

1918 Capt James Broadley
  • " Born in Ireland
  • Capt James "Jemmie" Richard Broadley RN retd
  • Died 1917 Southsea
  • He married Mrs. Bury, widow of Capt. Robert Bury, 7th Dragoon Guards. She predeceased him in 1914. "
  • [wonder what the Bury connection is….]

1911 census

obit for Capt Broadley

1924 CF Ritchie
  • 8/3/1924 Official Trustee agreed sale of house, 2 cottages and 14 acres grounds plus 3 acres of fields
  • to CF Ritchie, Secretary of the Charity Commissioners. £3500.
  • [see Rose Greene above]

1923 sale ad for House


1924 Gerald Maltby
  • " 8/3/1924 House sold to GE Maltby
  • 3/6/1930 Gerald Edward Maltby made will
  • 29/9/1932 sale of contents on relinquishing
  • 10/11/32 Gerald Edward Maltby died (he had been a Director Barclays Bank).

1932 furniture sale


1938 Lt-Col Sir Henry Bouhier Imbert-Terry
  • " 1933: court case re damage to his trees at Catisfield House
  • 1935 Kelly's Directory Henry Bouhier Imbert-Terry Lt Col Sir DSO MC
  • 1938 Jan The Times: Sir Henry Machu Imbert-Terry of Devon died at Catisfield House, residence of his eldest son
  • 1938: became new baronet

1933 damage

1938 becomes Baronet

1938 Alan Mark Streten, then son Alan Arthur Streten
  • " 13/7/1938 GE's widow Mabel Maltby, and Edward Frank Maltby (son ??) sold to Alfred Mark Streten (Dairy Farmer, of 20 Doyle Court, North End, Portsmouth) the House, grounds and gardens (14 acres), "except 2 cottages recently sold to Mr Bunney". £3,250.
  • 29/9/1938 Mortgage taken out for £2,500 (at 5% pa)
  • 22/9/43 Alfred Streten made will - appointed Mary Louise Streten and his son Alan Arthur Streten as executors
  • 30/4/1944 Alfred Mark Streten died, aged 67, of Catisfleld House, , died after a long illness. [He had been in failing health since his elder son. Mr. Dennis Streten, was killed in a Portsmouth (Cosham) air-raid in 1940].
  • 8/12/1944 Probate granted. Mortgage still £2,500.
  • 25/8/1947 Mary Louise Streten made will
  • 15/9/1947 1.464 acres on the southern boundary sold to James Frederick Bates for £625. Mr Streten paid £500 off the mortgage, leaving £2,000.
  • 26/7/1954 Land with frontage onto the Catisfield to Bishops Waltham road sold to Alfred Plumbridge Armstrong, for £900. £850 paid off the mortgage.
  • 16/1/1956 Mortgage repaid - £1150
  • 17/1/1956 New mortgage taken out on the property for £2,000 (at £5.10.0 pa).
  • 31/5/1961 Mary Louise Streten died.
  • 20/10/1961 Probate granted (to Alan Streten)
  • 4/12/1961 2 plots sold to Mr N Metherell (probably now Lodge Field and Tredegar)
  • 26/10/1964 Alan Streten conveyed Catisfield House and outbuildings to Reginald Victor Bates and Beryl Marguerita Bates. Mortgage paid off.
  • 26/10/1964 Alan Streten conveyed adjoining building land to Richard Leslie Alexander Hawkins, of Hook) and Stephen Cooke (accountant of Portland Chambers, Fareham) for £15,500.
  • The land then passed jointly to R L Hawkins Ltd and N Metherell Ltd
  • this the Harvester Drive and harmony site - the lower fields being kept.
  • 17/3/1967 Deed of partition of the land into plots 2/3/4; 5/6/7; 8/9; 10/11; 12 (12 is the site on catisfield Lane, where Harmony was built) Plot 9 land ref is HP310458.
  • Reginald William Metherell and Betty mabel Metherell took Plot 3.
  • ?/1972 Builder Derek Thomas Sandy, 29 Butser Walk, paid £5,000 for the land of Plot 9. Later No 9 plot and house bought by D Corbett £17000

1939 official Register

Memorial Hall Plaque WW2

modern aerial (Google Earth)
1964 Reginald & Beryl Bates
  • " 26/10/1964 Alan Streten conveyed house and outbuildings to Reginald Victor Bates and Beryl Marguerita Bates. Mortgage paid off.



1965 Crouchere
  • " Extract from 'Our Beloved Fareham', Alice James 1991 pg 5+:
  • " Here we find Catisfield House, home in 1955 of Mrs. Croucher."
  • a Mrs Croucher was a teacher at Titchfield Primary - 'Standards III and IV
  • However the 1939 Register shows in Flat 1 of the house Ernest Crouch (a draughtsman) and presumably wife Kizzie. [did she become a teacher?]

from Alice James


1965 Meoncross Boys School
  • Meon Cross School started in (rented) premises in Titchfield.Then in September 1965 Catisfield House became Meon Cross Boys School Under the Headship of Mr Meredith
  • In 1969, the School opened a girls' department in Burnt House Lane in the village of Stubbington, near Fareham. This larger property became the home of the entire school in 1983 with numbers rising to 170 boys.
  • [Mr Croucher was a teacher at Meoncross?] ]



1984 Catisfield House becomes Flats
  • " 8/83 Planning application to convert house into 7 flats and the two outbuildings also to 7 flats. (ref FBC 5530/38 for 14 flats - 9 2-bed, 5 1-bed, /39 for just 7 in the house) (nb there was coverage in the Portsmouth News 19/8 and 24/8)
  • 22/9/83 permission refused for amended proposal for 12 flats (6 2 bed, 6 1-bed)
  • 10/11/83 Permission granted for total 12 flats - 7 + 5
  • 12/83 Amended plans
  • 12/83 Conversion started
  • 15/6/84 Flats in the house advertised in the News by Austin & Wyatt. Prices between £32,250 and £46,000 for 1 or 2 bedroom homes.

Estate Agent details of a flat (date unknown)



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Note on Location: The road through Catisfield, Hampshire was once a main route between Fareham / Portsmouth and the west. Samuel Pepys probably rode through it on his travels as did Margaret of Anjou on her way from her wedding confirmation with Henry VI at Titchfield Abbey at the bottom of Fishers Hill.
Once an independent hamlet, it has become adjoined to the town of Fareham.
It is part of two Conservation Areas, one of which protects part of the pleasant Catisfield Lane and the other covering the land going down to the Meon River and the historic Titchfield Abbey. The Meon is a very attractive little river which flows into the sea (the Solent in fact) less than 3 miles away.
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