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1850 - 1899

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Before 1300

  • ???? Roman Road through Catisfield? (possibly path of Highlands Road, leading on to Bromwich Farm, for ferry to the Isle of Wight?)
  • 1210 First mention of Catisfield (as paying a tax to Fareham - in the Pipe Roll of the Bishop of Winchester)
  • 1232 Titchfield Abbey founded preremonstration MORE on the Abbey
  • 1232? The original bridge built (of wood) across the Meon at the bottom of Fishers Hill (now known as Anjou Bridge or 'Stony Bridge') MORE on Anjou Bridge
  • 1233, 1245 CARTESFELD (The Place Names of Hampshire)
  • 1245 KARDESFELD (The Place Names of Hampshire)
  • by 1279 The Tithing of Catisfield added to the Hundred of Fareham (Victoria County History)
1300 - 1500
  • 1316 CATESFELD held by the Bishop of Winchester

  • by 1346 "Catisfield a small hamlet in Fareham" (Victoria County History)
  • (1349 The Black Death. And again in 1360 & 1374)
  • 1445 Henry VI & Margaret of Anjou went down Fishers Hill to Titchfield Abbey from Southwick, for the reconfirmation of their marriage in France (hence the name of the bridge) MORE on Anjou Bridge
  • 1537 Titchfield Abbey became private residence of Thomas Wriothesley MORE on the Abbey
  • 1549 The Manor of Catisfield thought to have been in existance (separate from Fareham) MORE on the Manor (Fareham Past & Present Vol 1 Book 6)
  • 159x Bill Shakespeare may have walked up Fishers Hill, when he was staying at the Abbey (to the wine stores?)


  • 1610 'The Great Map' of the Titchfield Estate shows CASFEILDE. CASFIELDE MOORE shown (from east of the Meon, near Titchfield Mill, to road from Titchfield to Crofton and Varman's Bridge). Fishers Hill runs straight-up to Highlands Road, bypassing Catisfield.
  • 1625 The current 'Stony Bridge' (Anjou bridge) thought to have been built MORE on Anjou Bridge
  • 1662 Pepys visited Titchfield (so probably traversed Fishers Hill)
  • 1665 CATTESFEILD has 20 Households ((Hampshire Hearth Tax Assessment: 12 Chargeable Hearths, 8 Unchargeable - so population was say 60-80 MORE on the Hearth Tax (Fareham Past & Present Book Vol 1 Book 8)




  • 1720? The Post Office building thought to have been built MORE on the Post Office
  • 1764 William Rickman is Lord of the Manor of Catisfield
  • 1766 James Stares is Lord of the Manor of Catisfield
  • 17?? Catisfield House built (early C18?) MORE on Cat. House
  • 1730 approx Catisfield Cottage built
  • 17?? The Cottage (23 Catisfield Lane) building built
  • 17?? The cottages (42-50 Catisfield Lane) built
  • 17?? The cottages on Fishers Hill built
  • 17?? Littlecroft building built (as one house)
  • 1791 Milne's map shows CATTISFIELD. Fishers Hill appears to follow today's route (ie to the P.O.). CATTISFIELD COMMON lies between Catisfield and Blackbrook.

1800 - 1849

  • 1806 William Thresher is Lord of the Manor of Catisfield
  • 1807 Catisfield Common is 109 acres in extent (1807 Award Map) MORE on the Award (Fareham Past & Present Book XIII)
  • 1811 On first of June the direct road ('Catisfield Hill') from Heathfield to Titchfield was opened MORE on the Turnpike (Fareham Past & Present Book Vol 2 Book 1)
  • 1807? Catisfield Lodge built
  • 18?? Stiles House built (opp Catisfield Lodge)
  • 18?? Elmshurst built (big house opp Catisfield House)
  • 1830 Current Titchfield Mill built
  • 1832 Lewis's Map (Perambulation of the Parish of Fareham) shows the Pound off Highlands Road, by the entrance to today's Place House Close.
  • 1837 Orchard Cottage (on Fishers Hill) built
  • 1838 Mary O'Bryen's will leaves income from £270 to the poor of the hamlet of Catisfield (Victoria County History)
  • 1841 The Census showed a population of 192. 33 houses, 16 agricultural labourers, 10 bricklayers, 27 servants, etc
1850 - 1899
  • 1857 A Directory (? Kelly's) entry for Fareham says CUTSFIELD or CATERSFIELD is a hamlet
  • 1870 First O.S. 1:2500 detailed map
  • 1889 The Fareham to Southampton railway line opened on 2nd Sep
  • 189x The Railway Inn renamed - as the Fishermen's Rest
  • 18?? The Limes building built MORE on The Limes
  • 1891 St. Columba's Church opens (the 'Tin Tabernacle') MORE on St Columba/106 Club
1900 - 1939
  • 1906 Church extended (Chancel added) MORE on St Columba/106 Club
  • 1915 Brodick House School closed
  • 1927 Kelly's Directory: Catisfield "a pleasant hamlet, adjacent to the town of Fareham....has a chapel of ease".
  • 1929 The Titchfield Bypass (ie current A27) opened
  • ???? The Post Office opens

1940's - 1960's

  • 1947 (original) Memorial Hall built MORE on Memorial Hall
  • 1955 Catisfield Country Club opened by Dickie Downes (at the Limes) MORE on The Limes
  • 1957 Catisfield Superstores shop opened (with flatlets above) MORE on Wine Stores/Hotel
  • 1958 Discount Wine Store opened in the Superstore (owned by Dickie Downes, run by Daphne Downes then aged 15) MORE on Wine Stores/Hotel
  • 1959 First Catisfield Horticultural Show,
  • 1960 Catisfield and District Horticultural Society formed
  • 1962 Catisfield Country Club becomes the Limes Hotel MORE on The Limes
  • 1963 Church becomes the '106 Club' MORE on St Columba/106 Club
  • 1965 Sep. Catisfield House becomes Meon Cross Boys School MORE on Cat. House
  • 1966-7 Catisfield Lodge demolished
  • ???? Elmshurst demolished (big house opp Catisfield House)
  • 1967 Catisfield Lane blocked off at A27, and the Highlands Road extension to the A27 opened
  • ???? Harvester Drive started (ie development of the grounds of Catisfield House)
  • 1973 Wine Stores / Catisfield Hotel built MORE on Wine Stores/Hotel
1970's & 1980's

1990's ....

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