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People who seem to have lived in the Big/Old Houses of Catisfield

Cat Cottage                 Commander                Lenox               Napier

Cat Cottage                 Admiral           William Rawdon         Napier

Cat Cottage                 Admiral                                   Kapler 

Cat House                                Henry    Cort???         

Cat House                    Lieut-Col          E          Byam               (later Maj-Gen)

Cat House  /                Lt-Col               Francis Edward           Brace

And Cat Cottage / Cat Lodge  ??

Cat House                    Capt RN           James Richard Broadley

Cat House                                Gerald Edward            Maltby

Cat House                    Sir        Henry Machu              Imbert-Terry

Cat House                    Lt-Col   Sir        Henry Bouhier             Imbert-Terry

Cat Lodge                    Admiral Sir      Edward            Brace

Cat Lodge                    Vice-admiral               James Richard             Hanut             

Cat Lodge                    Vice-Admiral               James Richard             Dacres

Elm House                   Capt RN           George A                     Callaghan       

Elm House                   LtCol RA          Charles Henry             Atchinson       

Elmshurst /                  JP         Frederick Annesley      Stapleton-Bretherton

And Heathfield House /  ?Cat Lodge 

Elmshurst                    Admiral Sir      John & Mary Louisa Eleanor   Durnford       

Heathfield House        Maj-Gen?        William           Hoare  /Hore              

Heathfield House        Rt Hon Sir        Thomas           Askew  (?Aiskew) ??   

Littlecroft                    Capt RN           George            Izat     

Littlecroft                    Capt RN           Dunham          Belcome                     

Stiles House                 Rear-Admiral  Edward            O'Bryen (also O'Brien)

The Mount                  Cmnder           Reginald Victor                       Bates  


Where???   Maj-Gen   Henry John      Thornton 



Cat Cottage             Commander                        Lenox                        Napier          


Born      Sep 1846              At                           Died       21 Jan 1886         At           Aden??               

Family   Wife      Ellin Buddicom                   Children  

·         Barbara Napier2 b. 5 May 1874, d. 7 Jul 1878

·         Major Henry Lenox Napier2 b. 18 Jun 1876, d. 17 Nov 1915          Married  Dorothy Alyn Louise Mathias is the daughter of James Mathias  1 Feb 1911

·         Admiral William Rawdon Napier+2 b. 13 Jun 1877, d. 8 Apr 1951                 took over Cat Cottage?  (he died there)

Catisfield Residency (with dates and source) 

·         1873 June 18      fam history  

·         1898       Kelly's Directory

·         Ports News:  Weddings Notices for Patrick 23/5/1903 and Henry 2/2/1911 refer to the late Commander of Cat Cottage 

·         Feb 1911     Harry Lennox Napier, son of late Capt Lennox Napier .. R.N., and of Mrs. Napier, of Catisfield Cottage, to Dorothy Alyne Louisa, youngest daughter of the late James Mathias, and of Mrs. Mathias, of Catisfield Lodge.

 From <





·         22/11/1882  to Commander

·         1886 command of Her Majesty's ship Midge



Cat Cottage             Admiral        William Rawdon    Napier          


                b. 13 Jun 1877, At                             Died       d. 8 Apr 1951      At           Cat Cottage       


·         Wife      Florence Marie Nugent,                source


Catisfield Residency (with dates and source)      

·         Kelly’s  1903

·         Report that he died there  8/4/1951   (The Times,

Decorations etc                     Companion of the Order of the Bath
Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George
Distinguished Service Order
Mentioned in Despatches

Career                  He fought in the First World War, where he was mentioned in despatches. He was decorated with the award of the Companion, Distinguished Service Order (D.S.O.) in 1917. He was invested as a Companion, Order of St. Michael and St. George (C.M.G.) in 1919. He held the office of Naval Aide-de-Camp to HM King George V in 1923. He was First Naval member of the Commonwealth Naval Board between 1926 and 1929.1 He was invested as a Companion, Order of the Bath (C.B.) in 1927.


Cat Cottage             Admiral                                Kapler          

                                                1931 Jul 24           advert in the Ports News              saying Ad Kapler of Cat Cott wanting to rent accomodation                                   no other trace of an Ad Kapler….                            



Cat House                            Henry              Cort???      


In August 1789 the father of Henry Cort’s partner Adam Jellicoe died.  As a result inventories were taken of two properties ascribed to Henry Cort, at Fontley Iron Mill and at Catisfield.   Cort had moved from Gosport to Catisfield

 The name of the Catisfield House is not given, but is thought by historians to be Catisfield House.

The inventory covers a largish house (eg with 6 bedrooms and a nursery)  - it needed to be since there were 11 children alive at the time, plus servants.

(According to an affidavit in the National Archives file covering the financial implications of Adam Jellicoe’s death, the goods seized from Cort “were sold by the Sheriff of Hants about Jan 1790”.)


Cat House                            Lieut-Col      E          Byam            

Born      24/12/1794         At           Antigua                                Died       1878       At                          

Family   Wife      Florence Elizabeth Temple daughter of Sir Grenville Temple, Baronet.    Married in Tuscany Sep 4 1829       Children  - 7  (eventually 12)

Catisfield Residency (with dates and source)   

·         1835 Annual Register, Volume 76 ed E Burke       said the lady of Lt-Col E Byam had a daughter born at Cat House– Jan 4th

·         He (also?) lived at Warblington Lodge/House, Havant

Decorations etc  War Medal with three Clasps

Career                  later Lt-General    of the 18th Hussars

Lieutenant-General Byam served the campaigns of 1812, '13, '14, and '15, including the battles of Salamanca, Vittoria, Orthes, and Waterloo, besides minor affairs. Severely wounded by a grape-shot while carrying the regimental colour of the 38th at Salamanca, and slightly wounded at Waterloo. He has received the War Medal with three Clasps. Major-General Byam's first commission was an ensigncy in the 38th, with which regiment he served two campaigns: all his other commissions were in the 15th Hussars.


Cat House  /                        Lt-Col             Francis Edward      Brace

Cat Cottage

Cat Lodge

Born      1796       At                           Died                       At                          

Family   Wife      Elizabeth                                              Children   see below

Catisfield Residency    1841 census  --   Francis,  Elizabeth + 4 children  resident in Catisfield

1847 Sep 28 – Sale notice for the ‘Equipment’ of Cat Cottage, property of Capt Brace RN

1861 census  --   Elizabeth (‘Gentlewoman’)  - shown as head of house + 6 children + father + 2 servants.    Col Brace an officer in the Essex Regiment – presumably he there.   (assume  she is at Cat Cottage in 1861??    )

1866 Hants Advertiser reports birth of a son at Catisfield Lodge 18 Jan.

1871 census  --   Elizabeth + 2 children     

1881 census  --   Francis,  Elizabeth + 2 children   reside at Cat Lodge

1887  P News   Col Brace held tea for village and drinks for Cricket Club  on his cricket ground ‘near his house’.    ? Which house?    ?where ground?

 1890 Apl 21        P News,               Col Brace, owner of Cat House,  committed suicide Apl 20 at Cat House. Body found by a daughter.  His wife was elsewhere – ‘had not lived at the house for several years’

1890 Apl 22         P News, Hants Teleg       inquest reports widely reported               .  Say he owned Cat House.


Cat House                Capt RN        James Richard        Broadley


Born                      At                           Died       31/8/1918            At           Southsea            

Family   Wife      ? Bury                   Children

Catisfield Residency (with dates and source)    --  obit says “resided latterly at Cat House”

Decorations etc    Royal Humane Society Medal  for saving lives in China

Career             Obit  8 Sep 1918 FolkestoneHerald


Cat House                            Gerald Edward       Maltby         


Born                      At                           Died       10/10/1932         At           Hamble               

Family   Wife                                      Children

Catisfield Residency (with dates and source)

From the deeds               

8/3/1924              Purchaser paid trustee £3,500 for House, 14.49 acres and 2 cottages - assumed to be G E Maltby
3/6/1930              Gerald Edward Maltby made will
10/11/33              Gerald Edward Maltby died.                 (? Some date conflict)

12/7/1938            His widow, Mabel Maltby, and Edward Frank Maltby (of 95A Elgin Avenue, London W9 - assumed to be the son) sold to Alfred Mark Streten


He lived at the Thatched House,Hamble   (so although he owned Cat House it is not clear if he lived there)

Career                  director Barclays Bank


Cat House                Sir       Henry Machu          Imbert-Terry


PictureBorn      28/6/1854            At                           Died       1/1/1938              At           Cat House          

Family   Wife      Lydia Moore Stringfield Roberts     Children

Catisfield Residency (with dates and source)                         -  Obit Feb 23 1938.   Died at Cat House “the residence of his son Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bouhier Imbert-Terry Bt DSO MC who survived him.” 

Decorations etc

Career                  Author.  JP.  Singer. Actor.           Chairman Nat Union of Conservative Assoiations

( He was created 1st Baronet Imbert-Terry, of Strete Ralegh, Whimple, Devon [U.K.] on 2 July 1917.


Cat House                Lt-Col    Sir    Henry Bouhier       Imbert-Terry


Born      10/2/1885            At                           Died       9/10/1962            At                          

Family   Wife                                      Children

Catisfield Residency (with dates and source)      

·                     1935       Kelly's Directory

·                     Obit  of his father Feb 23 1938.   “Died at Cat House “the residence of his son Lieutenant Colonel Henry Bouhier Imbert-Terry Bt DSO MC who survived him.” 

Decorations etc                                DSC, MC, Knight of St John

Career    Lt-Col RA,  High Sheriff of Devon 1948


EBrace.jpgCat Lodge     Admiral Sir              Edward         Brace

Born      June 1770            At                           Died       1843       At           Cat Lodge           

Family   Wife                                      Children

Catisfield Residency (with dates and source

1841 Census –

1843       his will says he lived there– (FP&P Aut67)


Decorations etc   K.C.B. knighted in the Order of the Bath in 1834

Career there is mention Captain Edward Brace, who, by 1840, had become Admiral Sir Edward Brace,

In 1838 he became a vice-admiral and in 1841 he was appointed Commander-in-Chief, The Nore, 


1881 Census –Francis Edward Brace  & Elizabeth (his wife)  & 2 children

1890 Sep  Catisfield Lodge Farm put up for auction by FCO Brace   (son)

1892  Lieut Francis Charles Osborne Brace, . Eldest son of Lt.-Col. Francis E. Brace, lives at Catisfield Lodge.  unemployed.


Cat Lodge                 vice-admiral                        James Richard        Hanut           

1853 Dec              The Times           died there

                                however – is this really a (bad) misprint for Dacres ??

Cat Lodge     Vice Ad                     James Richard        Dacres


Vice-Admiral James Richard Dacres cropped.jpgBorn:  Aug 1788 At           Lowestoft           Died       4 Dec 1853 age 64             At           Cat Lodge               buried in the family vault at Tetbury

Family   Wife      Arabella-Boyd   Dalrymple           Children               two sons and five daughters


Catisfield Residency (with dates and source)   Died t Cat Lodge (Annual Register )  Decorations etc

Career  Vice-Ad of the Red Squadron.   He became a rear-admiral on 28 June 1838, and commander-in-chief of the Cape of Good Hope Station

 on 9 August 1845, which was his last active employment.   He was promoted to vice-admiral on 20 March 1848.[],_born_1788)


Elm House               Capt RN        George A      Callaghan    

1895   Hampshire Directory ?  


?? This may have been  Admiral of the Fleet Sir George Astley Callaghan GCB, GCVO  (Promoted to captain on 1 January 1894


Elm House               LtCol RA       Charles Henry        Atchinson   


In Kelly's Directory of 1903, Lieut. Col. Charles Atchinson,R.A.. is living in Elm House   (FP&P)

 Colonel Charles Henry Atchison was born in 1847 at Corsham, Wiltshire, England.3 He married Mary Isabel Ada Bristow, daughter of Whiston Timothy Bristow and Ann Isabella Henderson.2 He died on 29 May 1912.3

1912 May             The Times           died,  left £22,739

Buried in Fareham Cemetery



Elmshurst /             JP        Frederick Annesley      Stapleton-Bretherton        

Heathfield House /

?Cat Lodge  

Born      1841 Apl               At           Yardley   Died     Apl 1919              At           Heathfield House            

Family   Wife      Hon. Mrs. Isabella Stapleton-Bretherton, a daughter of the twelfth and a sister of the present Lord Petre.                   Children:  many

Catisfield Residency (with dates and source)

1881     census      he  + Isabella + 8 children + 7 servants– at Elmshurst

1891     census      he a ‘Magistrate Living On Own Means’   + Isabella + 13children + 7 servants

1902   2nd Lieut. Robert Charles  Lucius Stapleton-Bretherton, second son of F. A. Stapleton-Bretherton, Esq., of The Hall, Rainhill, Lancashire, and Heathfield House, Fareham, was killed in action at Ronderan, S Africa.

1903       Kelly's Directory                   he and the Hon Mrs listed at Heathfield House

            ??          were they at Cat Lodge before moving to Heathfield House??   Alice  James

His will left use of the property at Fareham to his brother-in-law Lord Petre.   On the death of the Hon. Mrs. Sapleton-Bretherton, the Fareham property goes to his second son, Edmund Joseph.  He left £113,213


Decorations etc



1878:  funded much of the building of the Sacred Heart Church  and its schoolroom (1894)

1884 London Gazette:  proclamation that he can discontinue to use the surname of Bretherton, and henceforth take and use the surname of  Stapleton-Bretherton.  This due to stipulation in the will of his mother, the only daughter and heiress of  Bartholomew Bretherton of Rainhill.


From Alice James ‘Beloved Fareham’:  “They were a much loved family who had lived in Catisfield before moving to Heathfield and were generous to the surrounding poorer families and who ‘kept their servants’ — always a good sign.

The family was Roman Catholic and on Sundays, Fareham waited for their ‘turn-out’ to arrive. With their three daughters and all the servants they were driven in a long, fine, shiny, black brake drawn by two horses.



Elmshurst                Admiral Sir John & Mary Louisa Eleanor      Durnford    


Born      06 Feb 1849        At           Eton       Died       13 Jun 1914         At           Elmshurst,           Buried   Longparish,

Family   Wife                      Kirwan, Mary Louisa Eleanor daughter of the Reverend John Henry Kirwan, Rector of St John's, Cornwall,,   b. Abt 1857,   d. 29 Dec 1942 

Children               Frederick,  Hyacinth, Gladys,  Margaret

Catisfield Residency (with dates and source)       died at Elmshurst  June 1914 of fever caught in Burma in his 66th yr

Decorations etc                                K.C.B., D.S.O.,   Commander of the Bath 1897,  Knight Cmdr of the Bath 1906; Grand Cross 1913;

Career                  He was promoted to Captain in 1888; was created a CB in 1897; became Junior Naval Lord in 1901; Commander-in-Chief, Cape of Good Hope, 1904-7; was created a KCB in 1906, and was Admiral President, Royal Naval College, Greenwich, from 1908 to 1911. In 1913 he was created a GCB.

Obit                       The 'Times' of Monday, 15 June 1914

The 'Times' of 17 June 1914, says: "The funeral of Admiral John Durnford took place at Longparish yesterday, with naval honours. The pall-bearers were Admiral of the Fleet Lord Walter Kerr, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Gerard Noel, Admiral of the Fleet Sir Arthur Fanshawe, Admiral Lord Charles Beresford, Admiral Sir Arthur Moore, Admiral Barlow, Admiral Robinson, Surgeon General Sir James Porter, Rear Admiral De Chair and Rear Admiral Napier, and Mr C H Stansfield, CB, Director of Greenwich Hospital. The King was represented by Admiral the Honourable Sir Hedworth Meux, Commander-in-Chief, Portsmouth, and Admiral Archibald Moore represented the Admiralty".


Heathfield House              Maj-Gen?     Thomas/William    Hoare            /Hore                           

1861 Census       FreeCen transcript clearly shows a Thomas    Hore  age 66  born  1795 Ireland  Major General (R.E.Retired) and wife Cecilia   age 57 born 1804 Ireland  + 5 servants (no children)

But another transcript 1861 shows William Hoar  b 1824 = age c 37 + wife  Charlotte + 3 children


                     Need to confirm he in this house   (number of servants shown indicates  biggish  house??)

needs checking  - can’t find him in military                              



'Our Beloved Fareham', Alice James 1991  pg 5+ clearly states a  Major-General Hoare lived  here


Heathfield House              Rt Hon Sir    Thomas         Askew  (?Aiskew)                             he

he was   there before Stapleton-Bretherton??

Needs researching


Littlecroft                Capt RN        George          Izat    


1891       Census wife Mabel + 3 children + 3 servants

1899       Kelly's Directory               

1901       Census Commander  retd + wife Mabel + 1 children + 2 servants


Littlecroft                Capt RN        Dunham        Belcome                  

House divided  


Stiles House                        Rear-Admiral          Edward         O'Bryen (also O'Brien)


Born      1753       At                           Died       Dec 1808              At                          

Family   On retirement  1803  O’Bryen lived with his wife Mary Alsop and their daughter, also named Mary, at Catisfield in Hampshire until his wife’s death in 1807, shortly after which he was married to Martha Charlotte Bradbury. He died in December 1808, acknowledging an illegitimate son named James Cavendish in his will.

Catisfield Residency (with dates and source)


Decorations etc


Career  A British Royal Navy officer prominent in the late nineteenth century, who is best known for his participation at the Nore Mutiny and the Battle of Camperdown, both in 1797 during the French Revolutionary Wars. At the Nore, O’Bryen had recently been given command of the ship of the line HMS Nassau when the mutiny broke out. Although he was not the cause and the crew expressed their affection for him, O’Bryen had to be prevented from throwing himself overboard when his men refused to obey his orders. Just five months later, now in command of Vice-Admiral Richard Onslow’s flagship HMS Monarch, O’Bryen led the southern division of the British attack at the Battle of Camperdown, in which a Dutch fleet was destroyed and British supremacy in the North Sea confirmed. Although he was praised for his exertions in the battle, O’Bryen’s health was deteriorating and he retired from the Navy in 1803, dying at the rank of rear-admiral five years later.'Bryen


The Mount              Cmnder                     Reginald Victor                  Bates


1968 ?




Where???   Maj-Gen        Henry John  Thornton 

 retired 1890? And resided at Cat.   Deid  Oct 1910   (obit The Times)