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image : Catisfield Lodge behind its wall - from across Highlands Road.

image : Catisfield Lodge front.
(courtesy of an ex-resident)

image : Catisfield Lodge rear.
(courtesy of an ex-resident)

Catisfield Lodge
was built in the early 1800's as a Gentleman's Residence. It is not known who for.

It had 12 bedrooms and dressing rooms; 4 reception rooms; a full-size billiards room; etc.

For most of its life it was set in a large amount of land running down to The Avenue. It had its own farm.

Eventualy the residential roads known as "The Lodges" were built in its grounds.

And when it was demolished, Beechcroft Close was built where it stood.

image : Catisfield Lodge - location 1909

image : Catisfield Lodge area - modern map

=== details

c. 1807 House built? no evidence for date
1842 To Rent Press ad
1843 Edward Brace Admiral Sir died Fareham Past and Present Autumn 1967 and various obituaries.
1850 Francis Brace Capt The Spectator died aged 56
1850ish James and Maria Harriett Mathias Maria an artist< who married James
1853 Dec James Richard Dacres vice-admiral Wikipedia he died there Dec 4 aged 65
1856 to rent
1858 June contents sale by Executors of the late Capt Bruce
1859 William Bell Esq Hampshire Directory
1861 Elizabeth Brace t census Widow of Capt Francis, + 3 daut, 2 sons and 3
1863 William Bell Esq Hampshire Directory Going abroad
1864 F E Brace Capt letter from Cat Lodge re Fareham Rifle Corp>
1866 Jan 18 Brace Mrs Alnwick Mercury wife of Francis E died at Cat Lodge
1866 Apl 25 William Warden Bell Esq Hamps Telegraph widower, married Mary 3rd daughter of late Capt Francis Brace
1868 Clay Major Major Clay of Cat Lodge chairing an election meeting
1869 Clay Major a court case in 1869 when Henry Coombes, labourer aged 15, was sentenced to four months hard labour for stealing 3 of Major Clay's chickens.....
1871 George Clay tMaj census Wife Caroline, daughter, 1 visitor, 7 servants. (listed as Catisfield House, which appears twice).
1873 Clay Major leaving England
1873 to let
1878 Frank Brace Capt Hampshire Directory ?
1881 t census
1881 Francis Edward Brace Capt census & Charlotte (wife) + John and ; Emmeline Minnie. +4 live-in servants
1881 Aug 18 C A Scott Murray Mrs Lon Evening Std had son at Cat Lodge
1885 to rent
??? Frederick A Stapleton-Bretherton JP + Hon Mrs Alice James before moving to Heathfield House (however they probably moved from Elmshurst not the Lodge)
1890 Francis Brace Col. S Wales Echo shot himself at Cat House?? Aged 52
1890 sale of contens, sale of house
1891 Philip Henkly Douglas own means Census Wife Francis + 4 children + 6 servants
1895 Philip Douglas Maj Hampshire Directory
1895 Philip Douglas Maj Hants Teleg Funeral at Titchfield attended by eg Generals Montgomery and Gordon.
1895 Aug Philip Heatly Douglas . Cantebury Jnl will proved, estate amounting to 9282 (died Aug 7)
1895 Thomas Etherington Farmer Hampshire Directory ?
1898, 1889 James Mathias Mrs Kelly's Directory widow of James Mathias, welsh, Lancs civil engineer, died 1886 London. Her connection with Catisfield not known.
1901 Alyne Mathias Mrs census Widow,dau Dorothy 17, 3 servants
1903. 1907 Mathias Mrs Kelly's Directory
1910 Apl Elizabeth Brace Mrs The Times died at Bournemouth, widow of Col Brace
1911 Alyne Louisa Eliza Mathias Mrs census Widow,son William 33, dau Maria 31, 5 servants
1915, 1920 Mathias Kelly's Directory
Mathias Mrs was a trustee of the old St Columba.
1923 Jul 16 Louisa Elisa Mathias Mrs Ports News, Hants Teleg died at Cat Lodge, widow of James
1927 William D Mathias Kelly's Dir of Hampshire
1935 Mathias Kelly's Directory
1939 William Mathias The UK Register Barrister, Recorder of Penzance
1940 Aug William Delamotte Mathias died
1941 Jan fam Mathias auction of contents by order Maj JH Mathias (brother)
war years Vospers info from ex-resident drawing office?, not redidential?
1949?? V (probably Norman) Metherell Mr ex-resident Bought and converted to flats. He moved into one with his family.
1940's Hias ? Wills
1955 T G Haynes Mr press court case - appeal on rates valuation
1959 V (N) Metherell Mr moved out
1959 - 1966 Dick Wade and an ex-resident empty and dilapidated
1966-7 demolished some of the Lodge wall still remains. Southern extension of Highlands Road built
1860s, 70s,80s Catisfield Cricket Club An active, well-regarded club.The exact location of the ground is not known. Catisfield Lodge grounds are likely but there is no evidence.

: Catisfield Lodge to let 1842.

Admiral Sir Edward Brace : .

1856 Catisfield Lodge Capt Francis Brace death.

# : .

: memorial to Vice-Ad Dacres of Catisfield Lodge

## .

: Catisfield Lodge to let 1856.

1858 Cat Lodge contents sale (interestingly by executors of the late Capt Brace) : .

image : "1861 census Catisfield Lodge (1861 census doesn't give addresses) -.".


image : Catisfield Lodge 1863- Mr W W Bell moving abroad.

image 1864 : letter from Capt FE Brace Cat Lodge re Fareham Rifle Corp.

1866 William Bell married Mary 3rd daughter of late Capt Francis Brace

image :1868 Major Clay of Cat Lodge chairing an election meeting.

1866 William Bell married Mary 3rd daughter of late Capt Francis Brace

: image : "1871 census Catisfield Lodge .

1873 Cat Lodge to let

image :1873 Major Clay leaving England / sale of horses etc.

1881 census for Cat Lodge

image 1885 Ca tLodge to rent..300 pa

1890 sale of Catisfield Lodge Farm
- 26 acres+5-bed house. Also sale of other land and Lodge furniturse

image :1895 death of Maj Douglas. Funeral attended by eg Generals Montgomery and Gordon.


1901 census Alyne Mathias


1911 Cat Lodge census Alyne Mathias


1939 William Mathias entry in the 1939 Register

image 1940 William Mathias probate.

1941Catisfield Lodge contents sale by Maj Mathias. (brother


Cat Lodge side view






1871 Cricket season report: "An exceedingly pretty ground" "the very perfection of wickets"

Some possible locations for the Cricket Club playing area in the grounds of Catisfield Lodge

1887 Catisfield Cricket and sumptious supper

image 1867 Catisfield v Light Infantry in Bells Life.


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Note on Location: The road through Catisfield was once a main route between Fareham / Portsmouth and the west. Samuel Pepys probably rode through it on his travels as did Margaret of Anjou on her way from her wedding confirmation with Henry VI at Titchfield Abbey at the bottom of Fishers Hill.
Once an independent hamlet, it has become adjoined to the town of Fareham.
It is part of two Conservation Areas, one of which protects part of the pleasant Catisfield Lane and the other covering the land going down to the Meon River and the historic Titchfield Abbey. The Meon is a very attractive little river which flows into the sea (the Solent in fact) less than 3 miles away.
More History See:
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