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The C.V.A -- The Catisfield Village Association was formed to ensure the preservation and improvement of our environment; To promote a spirit of Village unity; To watch for and scrutinise all forms of development within the defined area and in those areas which might affect the defined area, and to assist with the scrutiny of other areas upon request of members; If necessary to support or oppose such development of the area as is approved by the Committee; and To complain about any public nuisance and persist in such complaints until proper action to control the nuisance is taken.

 The Changing Face of CATISFIELD  
images...... click on a photo to see enlargement

Once Catisfield was just a few large houses, cottages, farms and fields.
images: old Catisfield from the air; Catisfield House; cottages on Catisfield Lane; Catisfield's Deerstalker Cottage.

Catisfield from the air showing the (now gone) Elmshurst, Catisfield House, The Limes...... Catisfield House cottages on Catisfield Lane 1910 Catisfield 
          Cottage 1919

And it grew, and had a Church, Bus Shelter, Post Office, Pub, Shops (even a Butchers)
images: St Columba Tin Tabernacle (and the bus shelter that was); Catisfield Post Office in 1906; Catisfield Super-store Shop and Hotel 1999
St Columba Tin Tabernacle  (and the bus shelter that was) Catisfield 
          Post Office in 1906 Catisfield 
          Shop and Hotel 1999

Several of the big houses etc went, and many houses filled the spaces.
Images: End of the Tin Tabernacle 1992; The Limes - awaiting its fate; Sunset on The Hinton Hotel
End of the Tin Tabernacle  1992 End of the Tin Tabernacle  1992 The Limes  - awaiting its fate Sunset on The Hinton

And the facilities eroded somewhat -- But, although changing still, it is still a community
And here comes the new..... And here comes the new.....



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