Volunteering for Abbeyfield Fareham


reg charity No. 232531

a Not-for-Profit, Volunteer-led, Local Organisation Providing Companionable Housing for the Elderly. Founded by Fareham volunteers in November 1963.

The Society runs two houses in Fareham, each providing a comfortable, caring place to live for the active elderly. Abbeyfield houses are not 'nursing' or 'residential' homes - the aim is to provide a 'family' home for 7 or 8 elderly, reasonably fit, folk who would otherwise live alone.

Paid staff are employed to run the houses and to handle administration and day-to-day operations. Our paid staff are supported and managed by volunteers - it is only because of this that we are able to offer economical companionable housing for the independent elderly.

The Society is run by its Trustees, who are the Directors, and who form the Executive Committee which manages the Society.

The Executive Committee controls budgets, decides strategy, sets policy and makes all the major decisions and so on.

Help Us Run Abbeyfield Fareham

We seek more Volunteers from the local community, who can give a little time and concern to help our houses in Fareham run smoothly.

Volunteers are needed who can offer time, professional experience or just friendship

The roles provide an interesting mix of organisational or 'doing' matters - or just meeting people. We would welcome ladies or gentlemen who could contribute to

The overall Executive Committee (which decides how the Society is run, budgets, strategy and so on)

We need general members for this. Also we would welcome people with specialised helpful backgrounds such as

Our 'House Management Committee' - The aim is to ensure a pleasant environment, monitoring things such as facilities, safety, changes, needs, etc Involves regular contact with the residents, and the housekeepers and staff, for early discussion of any problems and solutions "

Become a 'House Visitor' (visit and act as friends to our Residents) A good way of starting.

Join our League of Friends (who do things like organising events and outings)

Being a Volunteer with Abbeyfield Fareham would only involve a little time. Even just 2 or 4 hours a month, to visit at a mutually convenient time and/or attend a regular meeting every month or two. The houses are conveniently located in East Street. It will give you the chance to meet people, help make life a bit better for them. Your time on any of the above could be of great help.

 Email us at

or telephone our Chairman, Mr Roy Taylor, on 01329 (Fareham) 236 601
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